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Anton Hur wins PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant—December 23

Slin Jung wins PEN Translates award from English PEN—December 20

So J Lee’s translation of “Cohabitation” by Lee Soho is published by Black Warrior Review—Winter 2019

So J Lee is nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize by Vagabond City—December 9

So J Lee’s translation of poems by Heo Su-gyeong are published in Vagabond City—December 9

So J Lee hosts Chogwa Issue 2 reading!potluck!gabfest!—December 7

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Kim Un-su’s The Plotters is longlisted for a 2020 International Dublin Literary Award—December 5th

So J Lee is December 2019 resident at the Yonhui Writers Residency—December 1–31

Sora Kim-Russell guest-edits Jaeum & Moeum with Sophie Bowman, Victoria Caudle, So J Lee, Slin Jung, Stella Kim, and Sung Ryu participating—December 1

Anton Hur is interviewed by Korea24 on KBS World Radio—November 19

Sophie Bowman, Sung Ryu, and So J Lee present at the 42nd American Literary Translators Association —November 7–10

So J Lee serving poet-translator realness at ALTA42 (credit: Jack Jung)

Sung Ryu is fall 2019 resident at Art Omi Translation Lab—November

Sora Kim-Russell gives a talk at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop (video)—November 5

Sora Kim-Russell gives a talk at the Toronto International Festival of Authors—October 28

So J Lee’s translation of Lee Hyemi’s “No Panties” is published in The Margins by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop—September 17

Sora Kim-Russell wins 17th LTI Korea Translation Award for Kim Un-su’s The Plotters—September 12

Anton Hur interviewed with Jeremy Tiang for the National Centre for Writing podcast—September 11

Anton Hur’s translation of Bora Chung’s “The Head” is published by Samovar—September 2

Sung Ryu and Agnel Joseph win Daesan Foundation grants—August 6

So J Lee launches Chogwa, a poetry translation zine—August 5

Sora Kim-Russell is interviewed by Books and Bao—August 3

Sophie Bowman’s translation of Djuna’s “The Second Nanny” is published by Clarkesworld—August 1

Anton Hur’s translation of Jung Young Su’s The Joy of Music” is published by Queen Mob’s Teahouse—July 29

Anton Hur is translator-in-residence at the Norwich Centre for Writing—July 1–30

Queer Bilingual Reading in Seoul (credit: J. Fruit)

So J Lee produces and hosts the “Smoking Tigers x Words Without Borders Queer Bilingual Reading” featuring Lee Hyemi, Kim Bonggun, Kim Hye-jin, and Lee Jong-san and their translators So J Lee, Kyoung-lee Park, Anton Hur, and Victoria Caudle.—June 14

Poster design: @johnjohnsonhoon

Victoria Caudle’s translation excerpt from Lee Jong San’s Customer is published by Words Without Borders—June 3

So J Lee’s translation of Lee Hyemi’s “The Cupboard with Strawberry Jam” is published by Words Without Borders—June 3

Anton Hur’s translation excerpt from Kim Hye-jin’s About My Daughter is published by Words Without Borders—June 3

Deborah Smith and Sora Kim-Russell’s translations are published in the YEOYU series by Strangers Press—May 30

Anton Hur’s translation of Jung Young Su’s “Nights in Lebanon” is published in Columbia Journal—May 18

So J Lee’s translation of selections from Lee Hyemi’s Unexpected Vanilla is published by Asymptote Journal—May 1

Sora Kim-Russell is longlisted for the Man Booker International with Hwang Sok-yong for At Dusk—March 13

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Kim Jung-hyuk’s “Where Boats Go” is published in Readymade Bodhisatva by Kaya Press—March 1

Sophie Bowman’s translation of Soyeon Jeong’s “Home” is published in Guernica—February 28

So J Lee wins LTI translation grant—February 28

Sandy Joosun Lee’s translation of Won-pyung Sohn’s Almond is announced for publication by HarperVia—February 23

Deborah Smith’s translation of Han Kang’s The White Book (Crown) is published in the US—February 19

Smoking Tigers is featured in an ALTA interview—February 7

Anton Hur’s translation of Sang Young Park’s “The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytun Pasta” begins serialization in Words Without Borders—February 1

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Un-su Kim’s The Plotters (Doubleday) is published in the US—January 29

Victoria Caudle’s translation of Kim Seong Joong’s “Mars Child” is published in Nabillera—January 25


Sung Ryu, Slin Jung, Sandy Joosun Lee, Sora Kim-Russell, and Anton Hur (credit: J. Fruit)

Sung Ryu, Slin Jung, Anton Hur, and Sora Kim-Russell win GKL Korean Literature Translation Awards—November 30th

Sung Ryu wins LTI translation grant—November 30th

Anton Hur’s translation of Kang Kyeong-ae’s The Underground Village: Short Stories (Honford Star) is published in the UK—November 30th

Agnel Joseph, Sophie Bowman, and Sora Kim-Russell publish in a special issue of Wasafiri—November 20th

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Hye-young Pyun’s City of Ash and Red (Arcade) is published in the US—November 6th

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Hwang Sok-yong’s At Dusk (Scribe) is published in Australia—October 1st

Sophie Bowman, Helen Cho, Anton Hur, Agnel Joseph, Slin Jung, Sora Kim-Russell, and Sung Ryu publish in the 10th-anniversary issue of Korean Literature NowSeptember 1st

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Hye-young Pyun’s The Hole (Arcade) wins the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novel—July 15th

Anton Hur’s translation of Kyung-Sook Shin’s The Court Dancer (Pegasus) is published in the US—August 7th

Sora Kim-Russell’s translation of Un-su Kim’s The Plotters (Text Publishing) is published in Australia—July 30th

Slin Jung, Agnel Joseph, Jack Jung, and Anton Hur publish in Litro issue 169 (“Finding the Soul in Seoul”)

Sora Kim-Russell delivers “Queerly Vague or Vaguely Queer” lecture at Bread Loaf Translators’ Conference on the relationship between the Korean language and Korean queer literature—June 5th

So J Lee debuts with Choi Jin-young’s “Dori and Jina” in Words Without Borders—June 1st

Sophie Bowman wins LTI translation grant—May 31st

Victoria Caudle debuts with Kim Bi’s “Transgender Basketball Club” in Nabillera—May 30th

Smoking Tigers hard launch—May 12th

Sung Ryu, Stella Kim, Agnel Joseph, and Sora Kim-Russell publish translations in the Asymptote Special Feature in Korean Literature—April 20th

Deborah Smith is shortlisted for the Man Booker International with Han Kang for The White Book—April 12

Deborah Smith is longlisted for the Man Booker International with Han Kang for The White Book—March 12

Sandy Joosun Lee and So J Lee win LTI translation grants—February 28th

Smoking Tigers begin members-only translation workshops in Seoul—February 24th


Agnel Joseph wins the inaugural GKL Literary Translation Grand Prize—November 20th

Smoking Tigers soft launch—November 20th

Korean literary translators collective conceived at the British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School in Norwich, UK—July 25th

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