Jeon Sam-hye

Jeon Sam-hye was born and raised in Korea. They studied fiction writing in college with the hope that whatever they ended up doing, it would involve writing. Since then, they’ve published three books and in over ten anthologies. They wish to record “the here and now” and tell stories of “the non-here and non-now.” Jeon is represented by the Greenbook Literary Agency.


Witches Delivery (Safehouse, 2020)
Omniscient Demon-King Perspective (Epic Log, 2016)
Boy Girl Revolution (Munhakdongne, 2015)
International Date Line (Munhakdongne, 2011)

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Anthologies (a selection)

Women SF Writers Anthology (Onuju, 2018) 
The Shout of Existence (Munhakdongne, 2015)
The Weight of Tomorrow (Munhakdongne, 2014)
How Did I Get Bullied? (Our School Books, 2012)


In their own words

Stories about people in the mainstream already exist, and there are many who write them better than I ever could. I’m a believer in writing stories that only I can write. That’s what’s best for both me and the reader . . . When I studied creative writing in college, we had to do critical workshops, and come up with an anthology of short stories at the end. I would read through them and get the feeling that the stories were all somewhat similar. It got a bit tiresome after four years, and I thought about what else I could write that would be different.

—Interview with Words Without Borders
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